Medicinal Coconut Oil

Medicinal Coconut Oil



Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Cold-pressed by Centrifugal Separation

> 100% Organic  > Raw  > Vegan  > Unrefined  > Unbleached

Our premium quality extra virgin coconut oil is extracted from organically grown fresh coconuts. Trees are grown in tested soils to ensure quality. Pressed and stored on the same day after least amount of processing so that the natural vitamins, antioxidants, and fresh coconut “essence” are retained.

Health Benefits:

> Weight Loss

> Stress Relief

> Fights Infections

> Boosts Immunity

> Cancer Preventer

> Diabetes Preventer

> Fights Inflammation

> Balances Hormones

> Balances Cholesterol Levels

> Best Natural Source Of Medium Chain Fatty Acids


  • > Highest Natural Source Of MCT’s
  • > Versatile Skin And Health Benefits
  • > Zero Trans Fat
  • > Rich In Lauric Acid
  • > For Hair, Skin, And Cooking
  • > Non-GMO






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